The decision to hire an attorney for your veterans disability benefits claim is, of course, one of the most important decisions you can make.  If you are going to pay an attorney, then that attorney must be able to do more for your claim than the free representation that you can get from a veteran service officer (VSO).  The attorney must prove to you, the disabled veteran, that he brings value to your claim.  

You might wonder why you should even have to give up some of the money you are owed for the injuries you received serving your Country in the military.  The truth is, that in a perfect world, you would not need to hire an attorney to represent you in your VA disability benefits claim.  However, the VA has a long history of denying claims and you are most likely going to need the services of someone with experience in handling veterans disability claims.  

While it is true that VSO’s can provide a very valuable service, it is also true that they have not had the legal training of an attorney. They do not “think” like an attorney and therefore will not be able to use certain legal strategy in pursuing your disability benefits. Also, you want someone with legal experience with veterans disability benefits who can handle your claim from the initial application all the way to an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if that is what is needed. You are only going to find this with an experienced, accredited veterans disability attorney.  

Here is a checklist that you should use in deciding whether or not to hire an attorney for your veterans disability claim:

1. Does the disability attorney have something more to show than just VA accreditation? Any attorney who holds himself out as a veterans disability attorney must be “accredited” by the VA.  The VA has thousands of regulations, rules and laws. You want an “accredited”  VA disability attorney with the experience needed to understand how the veterans disability claims process really works. Therefore, you want a VA Disability attorney that has worked with disabled veteran claims for several years.  You want someone who is involved in the advocate community teaching others and writing papers or books on how to represent veterans. Roger Hale of Hale Law Office meets all of these needs for the disabled veteran.

2. Does the disability attorney focus on veteran disability claims?  This area of law is complicated and requires constant training and studying of the law as it changes.  If you see an attorney or non-attorney representative advertising for veterans disability claims, yet when you talk to them you discover that VA Disability is only a small part of their practice, then you need to keep looking. Veterans disability is too complicated to practice on a part time basis.

3. Does the veterans disability attorney work with a licensed Doctor who can perform an exam and prepare a report that satisfies the requirements of the VA disability system?  Not being able to show a medical connection (nexus) between an injury or disease and your military service is the number one reason that most veterans are denied on their claim for disability benefits.  You need an attorney that is familiar with the requirements of a veterans disability medical nexus letter, and has the ability to get you into a doctor for a proper VA Medical examination and opinion. It can often mean the difference between winning and losing your VA disability claim.  Roger Hale, the accredited VA disability attorney at Hale Law Office has established a close working relationship with a doctor who has over 35 years of experience performing VA Medical exams and preparing properly worded and documented VA Disability medical nexus letters.

4. Is the VA disability lawyer you hire going to be the one that actually represents you in your VA Disability claim?  Unfortunately, with the popularity of Internet Marketing constantly increasing, there has been an overwhelming number of Firms and/or Companies that advertise their services in the area of veteran disability claims.  It is sometimes very difficult to even figure out who the Company really is or where they are located. There are even some “clearing house” type companies that ONLY advertise for other companies. You may not know who really represents you until a person shows up at a hearing, and even then it might very well be a non-attorney representative.  When you hire veterans disability attorney Roger Hale, you know he will be the attorney working on your case, along with experienced and trained legal assistants.

5. Does the veterans disability attorney or Firm charge you for various “costs” or “expenses” that are over and above what they are going to be entitled to receive from your “past-due” or “accrued” benefits?  Most attorneys and/or Firms do charge the veteran for items like copies of medical records, travel for the representative, telephone calls, and postage just to name a few.  At Hale Law Office, veterans disability lawyer Roger Hale NEVER charges for any “costs” or “expenses”.  If you do need a “medical nexus” type of report from a doctor, then that expense would be paid directly to the doctor, not to the Hale Law Office or Roger Hale.


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