Your VA Medical Exam

You’ve submitted your compensation or pension claim to VA or have been scheduled for an exam; do you know what’s next?

Depending on the medical information submitted with your application, VA or a VA partner may ask you to come to a claim exam, also known as a C&P exam, as part of the claim process. This exam helps VA gather additional information and determine if your disability is service connected, the level of your disability, or if your condition should receive an increased rating due to it worsening. It’s an important part of the claim decision process. Make sure you know what to expect before going to your claim exam.

Check out VA’s new resources on the VA claim exam process at:

You can also view VA’s video series on what to expect during exams for the most common claimed conditions here. If you don’t know which disability category your condition falls under, check the Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) form list.

If you’ve already been scheduled for a VA claim exam, but need to reschedule the date and time, be sure to change your appointment using the phone number given to you as soon as possible.


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