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Take a look at how hiring the right attorney can help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.

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Getting compensation or benefits for disability or catastrophic injury can be a long and difficult process.  It can be easy for you to run into delays or erroneous denials.  With the aid of an experienced attorney, you are far less likely to encounter these problems as you navigate the path toward getting the benefits that you need and deserve.

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With the aid of an Oklahoma veterans’ disability attorney, you can help speed your claim through the system.

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If you are the victim of a catastrophic personal injury, you may have options. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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Disability compensation is the financial benefits each person is entitled to when suffering from a life changing injury or illness because of negligence, an accident, or a chronic illness or disease. The best way to receive the compensation you're entitled to is to hire a disability attorney with the knowledge and experience to represent you before the courts or the government to prove why you're eligible for benefits. Hale Law Office P.L.L.C serves clients in Oklahoma City, OK., Lawton, OK., and Tulsa, OK. with social security disability claims, veterans disability claims, and personal injury disability claims.


Veterans Disability Claims


If you served in the military and suffered an injury or illness as a result of your service, you should be eligible for VA disability benefits. Veterans have a number of different benefits available, and our office can work with you to help you get the maximum amount you deserve. Whether you were injured while serving or suffer from an illness or injury that appeared later but is a result of your service, your disability lawyer will help you gather paperwork, collect proper medical records, and communicate with the VA. Our office can also help with dependency compensation claims for veterans' families.


Social Security Disability


When a disability affects your income or your ability to hold a job, you may be eligible for social security disability benefits. Roger Hale has been a social security attorney for over 20 years and has a competent legal team that will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action. When you utilize our services, you get help with paperwork, advisement on how to work with your doctors, evidentiary support, representation during your court case, and assistance with finding witnesses for testimony.


Personal Injury Claims


When you use our office to help with personal injury claims, we act as a liaison for you. Hale Law Office P.L.L.C is an expert at handling personal injury cases. Don't rely on the other party's representation to have your best interest at heart. Let us evaluate your case and fight for you. If you don't win your case, you don't pay our office a fee. With a free consultation available, we encourage anyone in the Oklahoma City, OK., Lawton, OK., or Tulsa, OK. areas who needs a disability attorney to contact our office by calling toll free or sending an email.

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